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Freecare.me® business model is concentrated on the portable Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer/sterilizer arena,which uses a flash of UV light to eliminate a 360 degree,No escape corner,virtually all germs,that can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs products and services.we are also in the social matter space,by producing the medical graded silicone bracelet which embedded with the tiny,invisible R.F.I.D chip which is able to write/read,able to store individual & personal data,able to load with small amount of money for purchasing stuffs,install Identify,prevention & protection data,its also printed with Bar code,QR codes with glow in the dark materials.You can wear it until its broke & replace.Purchase the bracelet in exchange of collecting organic garbage for organic fertilizer production,the revenue will donate to the environment clean up groups ,organization,charities & campaigns,to collect the 2 % of garbage worldwide,which is pretty good,right? So,somebody have to cover the rest,one by one,kilo by kilo...

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We are the leading O E M and O D M company as a wholesaler,offer a timely & an economic delivery,100% Guaranteed return/refund,top stable quality and at a very competitive B 2 B, B 2 C online prices.

Freecare.me Company,based in Port Dickson,MALAYSIA.

Contact:(●'◡'●)  freecare_us@aol.com

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